Cengiz Durak
Cengiz Durak (TURKEY) - Jury Member

Vice President of FOMGED (Folklore Music Youth Association) Club, General Coordinator of the International FOMGED Music & Dance Festival since 1989

Elada Sumanschii
Elada Sumanschii (GERMANY) - Jury Member

She is a singer and masterfully performs famous pop and jazz hits. Participant of 12 international competitions and festivals. She is the diplomant and winner of festivals "Slavianskiy Bazar", "New Wave", "Midem-95", etc. Her repertoire has many directions: Pop, Jazz, Soul, Soul-Funk, Rock .  At the present time lives in Germany (Düsseldorf) where is the leader of a jazz-pop studio. . Currently recording his album and working on a video clip

Antanas Dargis
Antanas Dargis (LITHUANIA) - Jury Chairman

Head of group "Sekmadienis", composer, performer, vocal teacher

Elena Barsegova
Elena Barsegova (GEORGIA) - Jury Member

Art director of ballet show "Elen.B",  holders first prize at the festival 
"Славянский Венец";  judging international category;
 vice president of the association of dance of Georgia 

Elena Schedrina
Elena Schedrina (RUSSIA) - Jury Member

Singer, teacher, producer and director of "Studio pop-dramatics E.Schedrinoy"; winner of Russian and international festivals and competitions, a judge of the International class; her students soloists are diploma winners of World Association festivals and competitions (WAFA). Jury member of international and national competitions and festivals in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Moldova, Romania and Italy

Sabīne Berezina
Sabīne Berezina (LATVIA) - Jury Member

Sabīne - young Latvian singer and composer. Finalist Latvian TV show  "Dzimuši mūzikai." Winner of many international competitions (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Italy). Appears as a soloist, as well as a duet with singer and composer Rassell

Steponas Januška
Steponas Januška (LITHUANIA) - Seminar "jazz Vocal"

Klaipeda and VDU university jazz department associate professor, jazz vocal teacher, vocalist and songwriter

Džanna Šahbazjan
Džanna Šahbazjan (ESTONIA) - Jury Member

Producer, director of the ensemble DVIN, vocal teacher